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Another two-week news roundup!

Another update missed last weekend, which will probably continue biweekly for the next two months or so. The big news of the previous weekend is that they gave this guy an Oscar: No, not Baltan, the other guy. Normally, I … Continue reading

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2 week news recap

Hi all, another late news recap. I got offered a new job recently that’s requiring a fairly major move, and as someone with a sizable library of stuff, packing has got me a tad preoccupied. I offer this as an … Continue reading

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1.5 week’s worth of news recap

There was no news recap last weekend, for two reasons: The recap before that had come midweek. Netflix decided to blitz everyone with a new Cloverfield movie completely unannounced prior: Cloverfield Paradox wasn’t a very good movie, and the reshoots … Continue reading

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Very late news recap

I had to work last weekend, and the one before that was sucked up in podcast editing (*insert self-deprecating joke here*), so there was no regular weekend news recap. Let’s see if we can catch up, shall we? Dragonball Super … Continue reading

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 34: Casting a wide Netflix

On this episode, Kevin, Josh, Andy, and Justin completely sell out to a huge corporation as we discuss a handful of programs we’ve been following from the same behemoth, convention-defying content producer/distributor: the ever-popular Netflix. If you’re a Japanese media … Continue reading

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Planet of the Monsters hits Netflix Wednesday! (also other news)

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters is hitting Netflix this Wednesday, January 17th! We’re all counting down the days! With that most important headline out of the way, let’s see what all else went down this week in the world of … Continue reading

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Quick news recap

Happy weekend! With the new year’s holidays, there’s not as much news as normally in a week, but there are a handful of doozies that snuck through while everyone was on vacation! First of all, Amazon has put an end … Continue reading

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