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Scanlation: Miss Kano’s Disgrace (1992, Shinji Nishikawa)

With G-Fest on the horizon once again, Amanda has outdone herself and provided another translation of an overlooked Godzilla manga! This time it’s Godzilla-artist-extraordinaire Shinji Nishikawa‘s short story “Miss Kano’s Disgrace” from the anthology Gigantis the Fire Comic. It’s a comedic … Continue reading

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Happy 50th to Guilala, Japan’s ridiculous kaiju icon

While we may be in a new kaiju boom, it’s dwarfed by the one half a century ago. 1967 was the zenith, with the televised conclusions of the original Ultraman, Space Giants, Akuma-kun, and Booska, with the debuts of Ultraseven, … Continue reading

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Godzilla (disambiguation)

Along with the Japanese home video release of Shin Godzilla came news of the title for the next film in the franchise (the Polygon Pictures anime release due out this year): Godzilla – 怪獣惑星, (“Godzilla – Kaiju Wakusei”) or “Godzilla … Continue reading

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Kong count #9 – King Kong (1932) The Delos W. Lovelace novelization

Exclusive treat today! Maser Patrol special guest correspondent (pretty much our Gold Ranger) Justin Mullis is an expert on King Kong to the point that he actually teaches a college class on the subject! When discussing the original 1932 novel, I … Continue reading

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怪獣 or 外獣? (Kaiju or Gaiju?)

Like any number of loan words, “kaiju” (怪獣 , or “kaijū” if you want to be more accurate, literally “strange beast”) has permeated the English lexicon, to the point where many official subtitles don’t bother to use “monster” anymore when … Continue reading

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Travel log: Great Godzilla Tokusatsu Kingdom (Hiroshima)

Is there any activity as archetypically conceited and dreary as subjecting other people to one’s own vacation photos? That’s my general impression, yet folks keep asking for ours, so here’s a preliminary, über-focused post detailing a limited-time event from our recent … Continue reading

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Holiday hiatus…

Kevin and Amanda will be off on a whirlwind tour of Japan soon, so updates to this ‘blog will be unlikely until after Christmas. In the meantime, our list of recommended yuletide viewing still stands, along with a couple others: … Continue reading

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