Super Hero Wars Z trailer

Here’s a trailer for Super Hero Wars Z, the follow-up to last year’s Kamen Rider vs. Super Sentai movie Super Hero Wars, only with Space Sheriffs as well this time (the three franchises do have a precedent for crossing over with one another, so natural progression would imply that we’ll eventually have Kamen Riders vs. Super Sentai vs. Space Sheriffs vs. B-Fighters vs. Cyborg 009 vs. Kikaider vs. Crayon Shin Chan).

Since the last mega-crossover was mediocre gibberish, and this has much of the same staff (I’m actually shocked that this is the same guy who wrote great shows like Smile PreCure and Sh15uya), it’s difficult to get excited for the film, but who knows, it could be a vast improvement. The Star Wars homage (at least, I hope it’s an homage) at the beginning doesn’t exactly bolster confidence, though.

via hju

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