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Travel log: Godzilla at the Museum (Nagoya)

Amanda wasn’t able to make it to G-Fest this year, so she did the next best thing: Went to check out the “Godzilla at the Museum” exhibit in Nagoya! Here’s her report: It took me about an hour and a … Continue reading

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News recap to ring in the new year!

Happy new year! As a send-off to 2017, here’s a recap of last week’s Japanese genre-fiction goings on: Remember how one of the first posts on this blog was for the 50th anniversary of TV anime? Well, with 2017 being … Continue reading

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Self-congratulatory 5th anniversary post

Wow, Maser Patrol has been running for five whole years as of today! Over the years things have branched from a simple news aggregate (meant to kill time during long grad school experiment runs) into several articles, reviews, translations, presentations, … Continue reading

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X-mas weekend news recap

Merry X-mas! Hopefully the Ultra Father left you a nice present, your concert wasn’t crashed by a giant turtle, and nobody’s blood turned blue. We’ve talked so much about various Japanese Christmas specials in previous years that I don’t think … Continue reading

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Slow news week recap

There’s not a whole lot of interesting developments this week, but in lieu of that, I encourage kaiju fans to support the Howl from Beyond the Fog Kickstarter campaign; it’s still under 50 backers so far and I can’t fathom … Continue reading

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Another slightly late news recap

I took a bit of a road trip last weekend to go to Ed Godziszewski’s presentation on his new Ishiro Honda biography (and also caught The Shape of Water while I was in town), which ate into blogging time. However, … Continue reading

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Weekend News Recap: Tokyo Comic Con edition

Lots of neat stuff out of Tokyo Comic Con this weekend! Daisuke Sato’s Howl from Beyond the Fog, a puppet movie inspired by Ray Bradbury’s The Foghorn but set in samurai times, is seeking a (quite modest) amount of support … Continue reading

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