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Another slightly late news recap

I took a bit of a road trip last weekend to go to Ed Godziszewski’s presentation on his new Ishiro Honda biography (and also caught The Shape of Water while I was in town), which ate into blogging time. However, … Continue reading

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Weekend News Recap: Tokyo Comic Con edition

Lots of neat stuff out of Tokyo Comic Con this weekend! Daisuke Sato’s Howl from Beyond the Fog, a puppet movie inspired by Ray Bradbury’s The Foghorn but set in samurai times, is seeking a (quite modest) amount of support … Continue reading

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Only slightly late news recap

Despite Thanksgiving weekend, I almost had a news recap ready to go yesterday… then a couple unexpected trips to urgent care sucked up several hours (nothing too serious, rest assured, or possibly disappointed). Nevertheless, I’m going to attempt to get … Continue reading

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Two-week news recap and initial Planet of the Monsters thoughts

Another two-week recap this time. Before we get to that, though, Amanda did go see Planet of the Monsters, so I’ll paraphrase a few of her thoughts: The movie takes about 3/4 of its running time to really get going, … Continue reading

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Weekend news recap: Godzilla’s birthday edition

Halloween sort of ate up the last weekend, but that just means a kaiju-sized recap for today’s holiday: Godzilla’s birthday. Yes, today is also the day that Blade of the Immortal (Takashi Miike’s 100th picture) hits US theaters, but screenings … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Heroes and Robots!

A smattering of henshin hero items, and a couple giant robot things to cover this week: Kraken is moving along with Garo releases, with the Kiba movie coming out February 20. That’s straying a bit from production order, but makes … Continue reading

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Quick news recap

Not a lot to discuss this weekend. As a reminder, the Tokyo Ghoul movie hits US theaters next week. Amanda saw it and, as a fan of the source material, gives it an endorsement, so the rest of us are … Continue reading

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