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March news recap – plenty of new kaiju and hero media is a good reason to stay inside

In the overall scope of world events, this March has been one of the most impactful months in recent memory, as COVID has interrupted plans on all scales. On the Japanese pop culture end, events ranging from the Tokyo Olympics … Continue reading

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Kaiju-fied news recap

In a rare event, there was actually so much kaiju-adjacent news in the past week that rather than posting at the standard biweekly rate, I’m opting to do a recap today! To start with, Minoru Kawasaki’s Monster Seafood Wars has … Continue reading

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February news recap

Procrastination and distraction has gotten the better of me again, but the inundation of kaiju news items in the past couple of days has made it impossible to put off a recap any longer. Production news: A Godzilla vs. Kong … Continue reading

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New Year’s news recap

Happy new year (admittedly a couple weeks late)! I’ve been distracted from putting together news recaps for a while, but that just means a lot more things to cover this time around. Let’s break it down by category: Godzilla news: … Continue reading

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News recap: First TsubuCon quite a success!!

This weekend was the first ever Tsuburaya Convention (TsubuCon), attached to Wonder Festival. As an inaugural outing, there were a number of fantastic announcements and reveals, including: The first look at Shin Ultraman has been unveiled. A lot of folks … Continue reading

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News recap for the end of November

It’s been a wild few weeks with Thanksgiving and year-end festivities, but this previous weekend I made it out to Anime NYC, where I learned that: The English-dubbed episode of Godziban was very difficult for its Japanese voice actors, suggesting … Continue reading

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Two-week news recap: Godzilla turns 65 in style

November 3rd was Godzilla’s 65th birthday, and it was a wild Godzilla Festival in Tokyo this year. The Nijigen no Mori theme park, best known for ziplines and a replica of the village from Naruto, is adding a life-size Shin … Continue reading

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