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Weekly news recap (supplemented by fan-art edition)

Sorry for the unusually late update this week; it’s partially because of busywork, and partially due to the lack of much super exciting to write about. Since the news for this week is short, here’s a drawing I did this week … Continue reading

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Weekly news recaps: Mine Monster Evara, Nanoha ViVid TV, and Kikaider Reboots Hawaii

Time for the regular weekly run-down of some neat videos and links pertaining to Japanese monsters and robots: After several years without much news from Generation Kikaida (I guess the closest association was the Hawaiian TV airing of Ultraman Leo?), … Continue reading

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Weekly news round-up: “Not much to report” edition

I haven’t seen a whole lot that piqued the Japanese genre fan’s interest over the past week, so this should be a fairly short post. That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing cool hitting, just that I’ve missed it. As evidence … Continue reading

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Weekend news roundup: August 1

It’s the weekend, which means that it’s time for a quick recap of some of the most interesting Japanese-related sci-fi/fantasy/horror news stories that have transpired over the previous week! Here’s a trailer for the new dramatic film about suit actors, … Continue reading

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