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News round-up for the week of February 21

Welcome to the weekly hero/kaiju/robot/kaidan news round-up! The major story this week is that Viz has licensed the Ultraman manga! Er, not that Ultraman manga, they already did it back in the early 1990’s (Mamoru Uchiyama’s Battle of the Ultra … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Walking in a Winter WonderFest…

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend! It’s the time of year to help Jill defend Raccoon City, to watch Ivy claim the Soul Calibur, to do whatever Vincent does in Dirge of Cerberus.  Oh, and I guess spend time with the ones you … Continue reading

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 19: Tokusatsu 101 (Rehearsal)

Several people asked for me to post the Tokusatsu: The World of Japanese Special effects presentation slides from this year’s Anime Milwaukee convention. I don’t have the audio from that panel, but I did get a recording of a practice … Continue reading

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Weekend News Roundup for February 7

Some cool stuff hit the web this week: There’s a new trailer out for Garo: Gold Storm. While some of the footage we’ve seen before, there’s certainly enough new to get hyped about. Takashi Miike is doing a live-action Terra Formars … Continue reading

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Weekend news recap: Multiple kaiju stories!

It’s a good week to be a fan of giant monsters, as several neat things have hit on that front: If you haven’t checked out the latest Japan Animator Expo short, Power Plant No. 33, go check it out. It’s … Continue reading

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