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Weekly news recap for 9/30

Consider this your reminder that Ultraseven’s fiftieth anniversary is on Monday, so put on your best gray jumpsuit. In the meantime, let’s look over the recent goings-on in tokusatsu/anime/etc. It’s been a fairly quiet week, but let’s start with kaiju … Continue reading

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Halloween Hijinks: 31 Days’ Worth of Japanese Zombie Movies

Oh, hey, it’s almost October, and the month-long celebration of the spooky… granted, that’s really more around Obon in Japan, but American pop-culture is starting to give cosplayers an extra excuse around Halloween there as well. Anyway, we’ve already talked … Continue reading

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News recap for 9/23… 9/24…9/25…..

A combination of computer problems and relocation difficulties has kept me away from the computer, but let’s try a for a slightly less late news recap! In no particular order: Here’s a new trailer for Garo: Kaminokiba! It looks like … Continue reading

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Weekly News Recap: Rokuroku movie, Cutie Honey manga licensed

Time for the last-minute weekly news recap! Rokuroku, a novel that Keita Amemiya was involved with a few years back, is getting a movie adaptation by Yudai Yamaguchi. This trailer was actually posted back in August, but didn’t gain any … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Trailer time!

Most of what came up this week was accompanied by some sort of trailer: Remember that speculation that Vanishing Line could be a Garo series? Well, the golden wolf’s out of the bag. I wonder why they didn’t just say … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: “Saraba, Hibiya Godzilla!”

Just a small batch of neat stuff for this week’s recap. As always, please leave a comment if there’s something we missed! Godzilla news: The Godzilla statue in Hibiya has been taken down, to be moved to the basement of … Continue reading

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