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News recap: Pacific Rim sequel etc

Another weekend, another summary of the most interesting stories in the world of Japanese/Japanese-ish robots and monsters! The big story this week? Guillermo del Toro announced more Pacific Rim comics, an animated series, and a sequel movie: Variety is reporting … Continue reading

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News recap: Discotek rescues a lot

Not a lot of stories in the world of Japanese-ish SF/fantasy/horror this week, but the ones that happened are worth getting excited about: The most exciting thing to hit this week was the first trailer for Garo: The Seal of … Continue reading

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Random Tokusatsu rapid five-in-one

I’ve been really lax on the Today’s Random Tokusatsu movie segments as of late; apologies to anyone particularly looking forward to them. I figured I’d try to make up for that a little with quick thoughts about five of the … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap (spoilers: no E3 coverage)

Hey, so E3 was this week, and the internet was flooded with stories about Metal Gear Solid 5 and the Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire remakes and the latest Smash Bros. Since there’s plenty of coverage about those things elsewhere by … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: All you Need is Edge

Edge of Tomorrow came out this weekend, and it was pretty great. There were a handful of flaws, sure, but Hollywood has certainly done much worse recently when adapting Japanese literature (47 Ronin). I’m glad to say that this version retains … Continue reading

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