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Weekly news recap: Macross Delta, more Kaijumax, and a whole lotta toys

With Halloween and work-related shenanigans this weekend, we’re posting the news recap a little early: We’ve got our first look at Macross Delta! Seems stylistically like a natural progression from Macross Frontier. The franchise has always adapted to be indicative … Continue reading

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 22: Our favorite horror anime

In this episode of the podcast, Josh, Andy, Kevin & Amanda (sharing a lousy mic, apologies for that!) shoot the breeze about our favorite horror anime, since Halloween is right around the corner. Of course, there’s a lot of horror … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Almost Halloween edition

Time for the regular news recap of Japanese-inspired SF, horror, and fantasy media. Let’s kick things off with trailer time! The Simpsons‘ annual “Treehouse of Horror” episode will feature a Godzilla parody this year: Here’s a look at Armor Hero … Continue reading

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Quick weekly news recap

Quick recap of this week’s Japanese genre media stories; not a lot to report: Legendary’s Godzilla vs. King Kong movie is looking more like a reality. Since the new Kong flick just started filming, it’s difficult to comment on at … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Johnny Sokko Day edition

Howdy folks, hope you’re all having a lovely Johnny Sokko Day! Which version is your favorite? Anyway, let’s recap some of the neatest kaiju, super robot, and henshin hero-related news items to emerge this week: In case you didn’t see … Continue reading

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Gammerama: The extended universe of Daiei’s most famous monster

When it comes to classifying kaiju pictures, I’ve noticed that guide books and merchandise lines tend to split things into more-or-less three buckets: Toho (with its Godzilla, Mothra, et al.), Tsuburaya (with Ultraman and associated creations), and everyone else. “Everyone … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Defense on Titan

Wow, last Wednesday sure was a great time for kaiju fans: a new issue of Godzilla in Hell, the finale of the first story arc in Kaijumax (the comic every tokusatsu fan should be reading), and the first of three (or four, … Continue reading

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