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Halloween hijinks: Night Parade of 100 Monster Movies

So far, the Halloween Hijinks articles on this blog have focused on western monsters showing up in Japanese media: vampires, witches, zombies, werewolves, Frankensteins. And thus, until now we’ve avoided the topic of yokai, the traditional Japanese spirits, first of … Continue reading

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Late news recap

It’s another light news week this week, and another late recap. Kicking things off with Godzilla, as I’m sure you’re aware, we got a new poster for The Planet Eater, which hits November 9. That Ghidorah is going to make … Continue reading

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Kaiju Transmissions podcast: Obscure Kaiju Movies

Kaiju Transmissions just had their 100th episode! Not ones to do anything special for such a milestone, they instead decided to chat with me about the book and about obscure kaiju flicks in general. It’s cool for me to be … Continue reading

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Nearly kaiju-free news recap?!

Another two-week summary here, since it’s been light. In fact, you’d hardly know there was any giant monster content this week if you weren’t looking for it. The big news this week is that Gaina (formerly Fukushima Gainax) announced the … Continue reading

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