Another two-week news roundup!

Another update missed last weekend, which will probably continue biweekly for the next two months or so. The big news of the previous weekend is that they gave this guy an Oscar:

No, not Baltan, the other guy. Normally, I don’t care about the Academy Awards, but anything that gives a dude who makes stuff like Hellboy: Sword of Storms and Pacific Rim and promotes Patlabor in his spare time more clout in Hollywood is a good thing. Granted, he won the award for The Shape of Water, which, while a fine film, doesn’t have tangible ties to Japanese science fictio- oh, wait, Yoshitaka Amano did illustrations promoting it, so I’m justified in singing its praises here. It’s really good!

Since those awards, we’ve moved on to other del Toro-ish things, such as frenzy leading up to Pacific Rim: Uprising. I’ve actually already seen Robot Spirits figures for the film at Barnes & Noble and Toys ‘R Us (hurry up and get those, since, woefully, Toys ‘R Us is closing all stores in the US). In addition to that, River Horse is planning a Kickstarter for a Pacific Rim: Extinction tabletop game.

Oh, and a new web series just launched as a prequel to the film, Pacific Rim: Amara. So far so good!

Continuing on the Legendary front, there was chaos yesterday regarding a short-lived Studio ADI video online that appeared to have a Ghidorah-like monster in it. They claimed it was actually from their short Lucifer, and Mike Dougherty denies that it’s Ghidorah as well, but the fact that the video was pulled so quickly is suspicious. At any rate, take all those “King Ghidorah leaks confirmed” posts with a grain of salt.

In actual Godzilla movie news, though, the website for The City Mechanized for the Final Battle has been updated with some interesting tidbits about the surviving humans on the Earth: they’re called the Futsua (note: “futsu” as in “two”), and their god was killed by Godzilla, but left an egg behind…oh, where could they be going with this? Anyway, I guess we’ll find out on May 18.

Speaking of anime film trilogies and Gen Urobuchi, there’s going to be more Psycho Pass, in the form of Psycho Pass: SS (short for “Sinners of the System”). I’m glad to be getting more of everyone’s favorite Equilibrium fanfic, but this is going to be a set of three side stories rather than a continuation of the narrative, which, at least in the manga, was a bit of a let down.

That’s far from the least expected anime continuation news to hit recently, though; that honor goes to the fact that we’re getting more Zoids this summer for the first time in a dozen years.

Other continuations, some that were on the radar, some that weren’t:

  • Symphogear will have its fifth season next year. As long as the quality holds, I don’t mind the wait.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Re starts April 3.

  • Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory (finally) hits April 13.
  • The third season of My Hero Academia is getting a same-week simul-dub, which means it must be doing huge numbers for Funimation.

  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is getting a sequel movie:

In newer production news, there’s another trailer for Swordgai (my most anticipated thing of the next season, but I actually like Toshiki Inoue’s writing):

Of course, the other possible most anticipated work of the season is Hisone & Masotan, mostly because Shinji Higuchi worked on it.

Kunihiko Ikuhara’s next work, while sure to be insane, will also likely have gorgeous animation, so we’ll probably check out Sarazanmai. This teaser looks a lot like Penguindrum.

Lastly, Space Battleship Tiramisu looks goofy.

Oh, and Mamoru Oshii is doing an anime movie adaptation of Baku Yumemakura’s novel series Chimera. I’d watch anything Oshii or anything Yumemakura, so this is a no-brainer.

In licensing news, Discotek picked up Ayakashi (not to be confused with Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales) and the Space Warrior Baldios movie.

The last thing I’ll leave you with is that Hirohiko Araki has said that Jojo‘s villain Dio was inspired by Blade Runner‘s Roy Batty. Hm… Armitage III, Ghost in the ShellBubblegum Crisis, Pacific Rim… it seems like a lot of our precious media owes a debt to Blade Runner, but we already knew that.

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2 week news recap

Hi all, another late news recap. I got offered a new job recently that’s requiring a fairly major move, and as someone with a sizable library of stuff, packing has got me a tad preoccupied. I offer this as an excuse, and likely explanation of more sporadic blog posts to come. The move is unlikely to interrupt G-Fest, but I might have to cancel ACen panels this year…more info as it develops.

In the mean time, holy cow did a lot of exciting stories drop in the past two weeks!

Under development:

  • A Brazilian movie based on Juspion is in the works for next year. I’m really curious to see how this pans out, since I can’t think of any similar Brazilian films, despite a long history of tokusatsu getting ported there.
  • Korean MMO MapleStory is having an Evangelion collaboration.

  • Taboo Tattoo‘s Shinjiro is drawing a gaiden manga short for Kamen Rider Amazons (with Yasuko Kobayashi supervising). It’ll run in a one-off of Morning magazine.

  • Alita: Battle Angel got pushed back to December. Delays on that production aren’t exactly unprecedented, so not a big deal there.
  • Speaking of long-gestating projects, the American Vampire Hunter D comic switched artists again; now it’s Ultimate Spider-man‘s Ryan Benjamin.


  • Arrow will be releasing Toho’s Bloodthirsty trilogy on Blu ray in the US and UK on May 14! Two of the flicks only have VHS releases stateside (and Vampire Doll has none), so it’s exciting to finally have a chance to upgrade.

  • Kraken will have the Garo: Beast of the Demon Night special out on June 26! It was getting a little concerning that they might skip this one, but it’s essential viewing before the second season.

  • When I talked with a Funimation rep last year, they swore up and down that they would have nothing to do with licensing Takashi Yamazaki’s Parasyte duology, despite it playing at festivals listing them as the rights holder. Well, guess what they’re releasing on May 8?


  • Bandai Premium is doing a super-articulated figure of the Shin Godzilla’s completely static frozen form. They know that all we really want is the tail.

  • Also on the web shop, Nadia‘s Nautilus is getting a chogokin.

  • GEM has a pretty sweet War Greymon that looks about X-Plus level.

  • Oh, I suppose Wonder Festival happened, too. Didn’t see a whole lot amazing that wasn’t previously announced, though this Godzilla kit based on the Polish poster was pretty cool.

Trailer time!

  • This trailer for Bleach is playing up the relationship between hollows and Japanese mythology. Prepare for endless debate about whether these count as “kaiju” or not.

  • Another trailer for Inuyashiki. I think this should work a little better in adaptation than Gantz did.

  • The Fist of the Blue Sky adaptation coming to Amazon looks pretty rough. The previous anime based on this Fist of the North Star prequel was also pretty bad, so they’re not losing much there, though.

  • Ghost Squad sure is a Noboru Iguchi movie.

Finally, RIP Ren Osugi, it was a shame to lose him so early.


Whew, that’s a wrap! I’ll see when the next update comes out. In the mean time, keep an eye on the Kaiju Transmissions podcast, I might have recorded a little something with them recently…

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1.5 week’s worth of news recap

There was no news recap last weekend, for two reasons:

  1. The recap before that had come midweek.
  2. Netflix decided to blitz everyone with a new Cloverfield movie completely unannounced prior:

Cloverfield Paradox wasn’t a very good movie, and the reshoots that shoehorned in a connection to the original Cloverfield made it worse. That said, I gave it a click and haven’t canceled my Netflix subscription, so I may be a part of the problem. However, Netflix keeps announcing release dates, so we can’t complain too much. Here’s a few:

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: February 19 (Amanda says this was a letdown, so caveat)
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender season 5: March 2
  • Sword Gai: March 23

Also, Crunchyroll has decided to stream the Thunderbolt Fantasy movie, The Sword of Life & Death. This is great, both as we’re getting to see more awesome puppet battles, and it sets a precedent for them to release more movies that tie into their shows (*cough* Ultraman Geed *cough*). So go watch it!

There’s still neat stuff on actual television, though. NHK has an adaptation of Miyuki Miyabe’s feudal-era kaiju novel Koujin airing on the 17th!

Hopefully that reaches US shores in some shape or form. Of course, the best way to demonstrate that there’s a market for Japanese cinema is to go watch it when it’s playing, so as a reminder: Mazinger Z: Infinity is playing in US cinemas this Sunday and Monday!

It’s certainly a good time to be a Go Nagai fan. Cutie Honey Universe is looking pretty decent so far as well:

…not to mention that Keita Amemiya’s been loading up his Twitter with Devilman drawings. Man, I’d like an artbook of those.

Other news:

  • A trailer for the Ultraman Geed movie mentioned earlier. I really hope it gets some sort of distribution here, since we’re still waiting on DVDs for those movies that came to US theaters last winter.

  • By the way, Toku picked up the rights to Outerman, which might be my favorite Minoru Kawasaki kaiju movie. Currently that doesn’t mean a whole lot, since not many folks get the channel, but since they finally added some more Ultraman stuff to their streaming options on Amazon, perhaps this will follow suit.

  • The live-action Blood C movie is getting a sequel:

  • A look at Shinji Higuchi’s anime Hisone & Masotan, starting in April. As a reminder, it’s about a self-defense officer and her dragon pal.

  • Takashi Miike is doing another magical girl show, this time titled Mahou x Senshi Majimajo Pures. It doesn’t look particularly different from the last one, which I guess is still airing now.

  • Speaking of magical girls, this PreCure 15th anniversary ad seems designed to make us all feel old.

  • Also 15 years old this year is Kamen Rider 555. Of course the darkest Kamen Rider series is doing a collaboration with Hello Kitty to celebrate.

Well, that seems like an adequate recap for now, but who knows what the next week may bring?

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Very late news recap

I had to work last weekend, and the one before that was sucked up in podcast editing (*insert self-deprecating joke here*), so there was no regular weekend news recap. Let’s see if we can catch up, shall we?

  • Dragonball Super is coming to an end in March, but it’s being replaced by a new Kitaro series!

  • A trailer for the Kamen Rider Amazons movie!

  • The Video Girl Ai drama is getting some animated sequences, which makes it even more frustrating that it’s not simulcast anywhere.

  • There are shades of Varan in this Rampage trailer.

  • I’m not particularly a fan of the comic I Kill Giants, but the trailer for the movie looks well-executed enough.

  • A trailer for the second Monster Hunt movie, out of China. You can watch the first one on Netflix now.

  • Marvel’s Future Avengers is getting a second season. I’m sure it will continue to embarrass the shows that Marvel is doing stateside.

  • The Slayers novels are getting a sequel after 18 years. It sure would be a great time for someone to license rescue the series!
  • Netflix’s Castlevania (which we just talked about on the podcast) is getting a second season this summer.
  • The Evangelion-themed high speed train is shutting down. It’s a bummer that it was never on a route I wanted to go.

I think that’s a wrap for now; even being so late, there didn’t seem to be that much news-wise!

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 34: Casting a wide Netflix

On this episode, Kevin, Josh, Andy, and Justin completely sell out to a huge corporation as we discuss a handful of programs we’ve been following from the same behemoth, convention-defying content producer/distributor: the ever-popular Netflix. If you’re a Japanese media geek looking for recommendations on Netflix (and/or chill), you might want to check these out, and give this episode a listen if you want to hear our thoughts. Also, *SPOILER WARNINGS* on each entry discussed; if you don’t want to know key plot points, get your fast-forward button poised.

Direct download

Programs discussed:

Voltron: Legendary Defender (~0:15-1:10)

Castlevania (~1:10-1:20)

Death Note (~1:20-1:50)

Devilman Crybaby (~1:50-2:35)

(I said “Ryo” a bunch of times when I meant Akira. Not sure what’s up with that; I’ll just plead demonic possession.)

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (2:35-end)

Also mentioned:


Mob Psycho 100

Blazing Transfer Students



Knights of Sidonia

Kong: King of the Apes

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Planet of the Monsters hits Netflix Wednesday! (also other news)

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters is hitting Netflix this Wednesday, January 17th! We’re all counting down the days!

With that most important headline out of the way, let’s see what all else went down this week in the world of Japanese-ish genre fiction!

    • Also for reasons I can’t fathom, Toho is going to start investing more heavily in the Legendary Pictures adaptations of their IP. Hollywood movies are crazy expensive by Japanese standards, so it’s weird to imagine them throwing that kind on money around, and I doubt there’s really much more control they could actually exert over something like Godzilla. (The Your Name adaptation, on the other hand, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.)
  • Kaiju Girls season 2 is, predictably, on Crunchyroll. There’s at least one monster featured that I hadn’t expected:

  • Here’s a first ad and a press conference for Lupinranger vs Patranger. The human costumes are just as on-point as the Sentai suits. ANN has cast details.

  • In a truly unexpected move, Mazinger Z Infinity is getting a US theatrical release, February 11-12! I can’t imagine it being a huge success based on how the franchise has done stateside historically, but it’s cool that they’re giving it a shot.

Alas, the US release of the original Devilman manga has been delayed a couple months, though.

  • Thanks to some creative accounting, this coming-of-age day was the one celebrated by Sadako Yamamura. Sure, the Ring novel was from 1991 and the first (TV) movie was from 1995, but the most famous movie adaptation did hit in ’98, making this the 20th anniversary.

  • Finally, director Keiichi Sato won’t be involved with the new Tiger & Bunny project, and his original ideas were rejected. Well…that’s certainly a cause for alarm.

That’s a wrap for this week; when the next post comes around the whole world will be watching Godzilla on Netflix…

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Quick news recap

Happy weekend! With the new year’s holidays, there’s not as much news as normally in a week, but there are a handful of doozies that snuck through while everyone was on vacation!

    • First of all, Amazon has put an end to their Anime Strike service, and moving all their titles to regular Amazon Prime. This is a wise choice, since nobody was keen on the double-pay wall thing, and with HiDive taking a lot of their titles, I can’t imagine many fans were willing to put up with the service as it was. They do have a lot of great content, so if you have Prime without Strike, now’s the time to catch up on Inuyashiki, Atom the Beginning, Nanoha, etc.
  • Toho is uploading two Godzilla Island episodes to Youtube each week, and keeping them up for four weeks each. If you don’t have the DVD set, this is a great way to catch it. (Still no subtitles, sadly.) Maybe this could lead to a Redman-esque resurgence? The show is pretty bonkers, after all.

  • Toku will be airing The Ultraman starting on January 29. As a reminder, this is one that hasn’t been fansubbed before, so get those DVRs ready!

  • Shin Godzilla effects artist Akira Suzuki has a new monster movie that he’s attempting to get made on Kickstarter, Horror of the Underworld. The trailer looks really enticing, so I wish him luck!

  • I really hope somebody picks up Oh My Jump for streaming. Seeing the star of Densha Otoko in a drama about Shonen Jump otaku is too good to pass up.

  • After several delays, the Killing Bites game has been canceled. That’s a bummer, but, with the anime impending, maybe we’ll get another.

  • Tokunet has an interview about free-to-play tabletop RPG Henshin! It sounds fun, we might give it a spin some time.

That’s a wrap for this week; now back to Netflix for more Devilman Crybaby. It’s quite interesting to see Masaki Yuasa’s take on the classic!

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