Maser Patrol podcast episode 27: Shin Godzilla

This episode is about goofy German movie posters, the ending of All Monsters Attack, rhinoceros sails, Charles Barkley doujinshi games, and the sexual dimorphism of Pokemon. Not that the likes of Kevin, Josh, Andy, and Justin could get distracted or off topic.

But mostly, we talk about Shin Godzilla. We recorded on the topic previously in an attempt that we couldn’t use, so this one is a resurgence. “Personal service”, even.

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shin chan godzilla

Persecution of the Asses!

Spoilers abound, so beware.

Things we didn’t mention:

  • Amanda caught the movie in Japan recently, and despite the movie being several months into its theatrical run, there was a good-sized crowd. The theatrical booklet has a “beware of spoilers” band around it.
  • Off mic we were drawing interesting parallels between the discourse on this movie and the backlash against what Eric Powell was trying to do with Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters. This movie is much better than that comic, but the attempts at socio-political commentary in the face of a recent natural disaster are there for both, love it or hate it.
  • All that talk about Dr. Maki, and we never once mentioned that another Dr. Maki was in the movie! (Yu Kamio was also in Ultraman X, Higuchi’s Attack on Titan, Anno’s Ando Lloyd, not to mention all of the Rider/Sentai roles.)

dr-maki yu-kamio-shin-godzilla

Also referenced:


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Special Edition: Godzilla 2 gets a real Treat

After a stellar show with both Trick ‘R Treat (2007, though it sat on a shelf until 2009) and Krampus (2015), many genre fans were wondering what Michael Dougherty’s next directorial effort would be… perhaps an excellent throwback-horror-comedy revolving around mythos of Arbor Day?

Well, it turns out Krampus‘s financial success (as well as Gipsy Danger’s cameo) did not go unrecognized by Legendary, as Dougherty *may* be directing their next Godzilla flick! (Earlier today it was reported he would be, but the article has since been updated to say he’s in talks.) Godzilla 2 *will* have Dougherty writing with his Krampus co-scribe Zach Shields, which is really promising; Krampus was easily on of the most entertaining, memorable, and fantastically-executed movies of last year, and Trick ‘R Treat has become a seasonal cult-tradition. The thought of a Godzilla 2 from such talent is tantalizing, though I wonder how they’d mesh with the humorless tone of Godzilla 2014.

Conversely, if it turns out Dougherty isn’t directing, at least his writing led to Bryan Singer’s best superhero output (X2, X-men: Apocalypse, Superman Returns), so it’ll likely still be pretty great popcorn entertainment.


In related news, both Godzilla 2 and Pacific Rim: Maelstrom will be at least partially shot in China, which isn’t shocking considering that PacRim made most of its money there and Legendary was recently acquired by Dalian Wanda Group. Hopes are very high for both pictures, and with the addition of Dougherty, the upcoming release of Godzilla 2 is starting to feel a lot more like a proper holiday.

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Maser Patrol podcast omake: Shin-anigans

This weekend we recorded an epic 4-hour podcast to discuss the latest Godzilla flick, but then lost one of the audio tracks rendering the conversation incomprehensible. So, to tide everyone over, here’s a selection of choice (not-so-serious) moments from the surviving recording. Enjoy!

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Weekly news recap: Kraken to release Garo!

How about that Shin Godzilla, huh? Don’t worry, we have thoughts incoming, but for now it’s time for the weekly news recap. And since we’re on the subject, Neca showed off this:


Not bad, though I think the head could use some tweaks. Neca apparently agrees, since (much like they did with the 1984 one), they later revealed that they’re changing it. Kudos!


Onto the news:

  • Well, there are few things that can compete in tokusatsu-fandom-hype-level to Funimation releasing a new Godzilla movie in the theater this week, but damn if Kraken Releasing didn’t find one of them. At Monsterama last weekend they announced (I sort of wonder how; does anyone know if they had a panel, or booth, or what?) one of the pie-in-the-sky benchmarks that fans have been clamoring for for a decade: The first season of Garo is getting released in North America in 2017!
    The timing may have something to do with the HD remaster wrapping up in Japan, so it’ll be awesome to finally have a legit release of the series… the press release implies that the subsequent seasons will be coming as well (plus, giant thumbs-up to whoever decided Ryu Kaneda’s Video Girl Ai movie was worth mentioning as a selling point). We’re obviously big fans, so this made our week in measure rivaling that of Funimation.

  • Continuing Tsuburaya’s weirdly newfound ironic popularity of Redman, Nakano Broadway is having a merchandising push. Apparently if you spend enough money you get invited to a talk by Tsuburaya president Shinichi Ohka, who was a cinematographer on the show back in the day. Maybe that’s why they’re pushing it now?


  • Your Baltan Figuarts can be a proper space ninja with these afterimage/clone webshop exclusives:


  • The Russian movie Station 88 looks mecharrific.

  • Another ad for the Mobile Police Patlabor Reboot short (out now!)

  • I can’t come up with a sarcastic enough response to this article. “[Chuya Koyama] mused that putting Marvel superheroes in Space Brothers felt out-of-place after all.” Snerk.


  • Tatsuya Fujiwara’s in the new Death Note movie, too, and the latest ad teases that Light Yagami has somehow survived… well, the original duology.

  • After numerous delays, the final movie in the Project Itoh trilogy, Genocidal Organ, is about to be revealed. Since Empire of Corpses was great and Harmony was okay, completing the batch is certainly appealing even if the premise (distopian-secret agent-thriller) sounds the least interesting. Anyway, here’s a trailer:

Well, that’s a wrap for now. Expect Godzilla thoughts soon!

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Weekly news recap: Pacman Rider, Zetton chairs, and Unico meets Sachiel…stuff is weird.

Happy Shin Godzilla US Release-Eve-Eve! We’re all planning to go see it (well, Amanda already has), so expect a report at some point. In the meantime, let’s talk pop culture!


  • A new Mazinger…something is coming from Toei. We watched Robot Girls Z, so at this point it’s safe to say we’re ready for anything.


  • Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender is getting a second season on January 20th. The first took us by surprise with its quality, so the second is highly anticipated.

  • Speaking of Netflix, please let this be an actual scene in the next season of Stranger Things.


  • This Zetton-themed chair looks like a comfy place to plop down. It’ll make you want to “never rise again”?

  • Speaking of Ultraman, check out The Yellow Monkey’s new music video; they nailed the aesthetic:

  • Hero‘s posted an ad for their manga Onideka, directed by Space Monster Numagiras‘s Takayuki Hosonuma. That’s one more title for me to pester Viz about at the next con I see them.

  • Kamen Rider Heisei Generations looks like a good size cast for a crossover movie, with the most recent five riders and- …. waitaminute. They’re not literally fighting Dr. Pacman in this, are they? Between this, Wreck-it-Ralph, and Pixels, the little yellow guy is really gaining some serious movie star power.


  • Maser Patrol is breaking with a longstanding tradition of not reporting on Power Rangers, because there’s a Power Rangers movie that now has a trailer. Like Power Rangers: The Movie, this is going to be comprised of all new footage (unless they’re fooling us and it suddenly cuts to old Liveman scenes or something), but they’re going for a literally darker (practically Twilight-level desaturation) feel this time around. This trailer reminds me a bit of the recent Fantastic 4 reboot, so, given that the Power Rangers franchise continues today as a successful brand of colorful kiddy shows, I sort of wonder how this drab teen take will go over. Hey, it worked for Transformers.
    The movie has Macross Plus/Wings of Honneamise/Armitage III/Godzilla (2014)’s always-entertaining Bryan Cranston in a lead role (he previously played some of the monsters of the week on the show), with music by Dragonball Evolution‘s Brian Tyler. Weta is doing special effects, so Goldar (Grifforzer, not Ambassador Magma) should look pretty cool.

  • Also, the full trailer for January’s allegedly-final Resident Evil film. In the “ten years” since the start of the franchise the actors have aged fifteen, but hey, they’re living a hard life. And again, “The Final Chapter” just makes me think of the decidedly non-final Friday the 13th, Lake Placid, Saw, Puppet Master, and Ring movies with the same epithet.

  • Viz will be translating Tokyo Ghoul: re . We had a feeling they would, the first series is too popular to let this sit.
  • Kansai Club’s Kickstarter campaign to print Osamu Tezuka’s The Crater appears to be fully underwater, as DMP is teasing that they have the license. Kansai Club’s screw-up likely hurt other campaigns by DMP (the average person not distinguishing between one Tezuka publisher and another), and based on their cryptic tweet “your grievances will not go unanswered”, I’ve gotta wonder if they’ll somehow comp the folks who backed the previous campaign.


  • Kennichi Matsuyama will revise his role as L for the upcoming Death Note movie for a three minute cameo (what is he, Ultraman?). Matsuyama is a chameleon of an actor, so I’m pretty sure he can shake off the 12 years between the films without appearing to have aged at all.


  • A teaser for the Little Witch Academia TV series. Can we expect a cameo by Luluco?

  • Takashi Murakami’s 6HP (Six Hearts Princess) is due to air before the end of the year, which is a relief for the fans who’ve been waiting for it for three years since the trailer hit. Jellyfish Eyes was great, so we’re planning to give more of his work a shot.

That’s a wrap for now. Back to counting down the minutes until 10 PM Tuesday!

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Weekly news recap: Kaiju Girls streaming, Guyver on BD, Jojo goes toku, and more!

Happy October! We’re just one week away from new Kamen Rider, the first Attack on Titan movie is coming out on North American home video Tuesday, a new Godzilla flick hits the US in 10 days, Halloween season is starting to get into gear. Not a bad time to be a genre fan! Let’s see what all is happening in the world of kaiju, mecha, and henshin heroes this week:

  • Crunchyroll added Kaiju Girls! There are a couple of reasons why this is exciting; it’s branching out and doing something different. First, it’s the first animated Ultra-related release that we’ve gotten stateside since a handful of dubbed The☆Ultraman episodes hit DVD in 1997. Second, it’s the first short-form show that Tsuburaya has on Crunchyroll (and possibly the first one that they’ve ever officially translated, because I’m not counting virtually dialogue-less shows like Redman), and it’s the first show that they’ve added without “Ultraman” in the title. It’s also a fun watch. Here’s hoping for more similar additions in the future (Kaiju Sakaba Kampai, Ultra Kaiju Sanpo, and Ultra Zone come to mind), but until then I look forward to waking up early on Tuesday mornings to watch this chibi-and-more-wholesome-Ikkitousen-with-monsters comedy.

  • The Warner Archive just added the live-action American Guyver movie and Guyver 2: Dark Hero to their print-on-demand library. This is not terribly exciting, since the movies have been available on DVD previously and these look like exact reissues of those releases, but in reading about that, I discovered (about three weeks late) that Arrow is releasing the first movie on Blu Ray in the UK, complete with a new interview with Brian Yuzna and a limited-edition booklet. This one is due out on December 19 for £15.99, but I can say from personal experience that some of Arrow’s limited edition sets skyrocket in price if you don’t get ’em when they’re fresh.


  • Thunderbolt Fantasy has been renewed for a second season! And it looks like there’s a new character in this promotional- … wait, no, nevermind, it’s just TM Revolution. Oh, and there’s also a prequel webcomic about Dan Fei now, you can read it here.



  • Takashi Miike’s next live-action film will be an adaptation of the Diamond is Unbreakable arc from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (the same one the current anime season is on). While not quite as iconic/popular/heavily-memed as Stardust Crusaders, a setting in Japan with mostly Japanese characters may be a prudent way for Miike to go, and frankly, the storyline in that part of Jojo is more engaging, though perhaps harder to compress into a film. The last time there was a cinematic adaptation, the animated version of Phantom Blood (many years prior to the current TV series), it was such a disaster that the film was buried and never released on any form of home video, so even if Miike doesn’t live up to the stellar television execution of the manga, at least he’ll probably do better than that.
  • So, now both Godzilla and Sadako have been featured in Snickers commercials, huh?

  • A trailer for the Ao Oni anime film (not to be confused with the anime TV series). Wonder how it’ll compare with the live-action ones?

  • A new Zoids project is in the works. I really show my age by sometimes slipping and calling them “Technozoids”.


  • A trailer for the Majestic Prince movie:

  • Congrats, Sunrise. You finally made a live-action Gundam property set in the farther future that’s less interesting than G-Savior.

  • The director of Excel Saga is helming a superhero spoof titled To Be Hero, about a young dude who transforms into a portly middle-ager to fight monsters. I really dug Excel Saga as a teen, but rewatching it recently I’m not sure how well it’s held up… so it’s tough to say if To Be Hero will be more amusing or obnoxious.
  • Suicide Squad has gotten a huge push in Japan, with tie-in merch from Figuarts, Nendoroid, and more. Now, they also have a tie-in anime (sort of) via a cross-promotion with another group of villain protagonists: Eagle Talon! These shorts are way more entertaining than the actual movie.

  • Lupin III‘s inspector Zenigata is getting his own show next year, and it’s live-action. Granted, the character has been gradually portrayed as more competent in non-Lupin situations over the years, but I’ve got to wonder what the tone of this one will be.


  • I wish we’d said more scathing things about Ninja Slayer; maybe Funimation would’ve quoted us.

I think that’s a wrap for this week; leaving off with an image of what Ultraman Orb actually looks like, revealed as we’re about halfway into his show already. Wonder if this is what we can expect in future crossover movies?


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Weekly news recap for 9-25

Not a lot to report this week:

  • Vehicles from a number of different Ultraman earth defense teams have been spotted together, leading to speculation that the Ultraman Orb movie might have an extra-special crossover. It certainly seems to show more thought that the Ginga S film. [via 4chan]

ultra-cars ultra-cars-2

  • A subset of the Toho SF fandom is stoked about Zone Fighter getting another DVD release in Japan, but as a completist and fan of the obscure, I think it’s way cooler that Toho’s Goranger-knock-off Flying Saucer War Bankid is finally getting its first DVD release there. Naturally, none of these will have subtitles. [via August Ragone]

  • Rock band Kiss has had its handful of crossovers with Japanese pop culture over the years (Gene Simmons was the main antagonist in the Detroit Metal City movie, after all), but Astro Boy was not one I would have predicted. It’s a little weird.

astrokiss astrokiss3

  • Rings was due out in just one month, when it got pushed back to February. It’s quite unfortunate; not only is it unlikely to be a hit with studio confidence like that (meaning a lower chance of box sets or licencors bringing the remaining Japanese flicks over for cash-ins), but we’re looking at a serious dearth of theatrical horror options this Halloween season.

  • Hiroyuki Yamaga tantalized/terrified Gunbuster fans by mentioning a possible sequel to Aim for the Top at a recent German con. I’d be cool with it, though I would hope for something closer to either of the two Next Generation manga than to the Diebuster OVA. Maser Patrol’s resident Gunbuster maniac Josh is pretty sure it would be terrible either way, so it’s a good thing that Yamaga has a history of not having sequels come to pass (looking at you, Blue Uru!).
  • Gainax’s Princess Maker 2 is coming to Steam. I’m not normally one to be piqued over 23-year-old bishoujo simulators, but it’s an aspect of the studio’s output that hasn’t been very well represented in the west.

  • Discotek is doing a physical release of the Galaxy Railways OVA (we mentioned the Crunchyroll release last week), as well as re-releasing Leiji Matsumoto’s other projects Gun Frontier and (a personal favorite) Cosmo Warrior Zero. They’re also re-releasing Eatman, for folks who haven’t picked that up.

  • Hikaru Utada’s new music video featured some unused footage from Evangelion 3.33. It was only online for 24 hours, fortunately long enough to get mirrored everywhere.

  • The upcoming anthology movie Force of Will is going to feature six shorts based on the trading card game of the same name. The first to be advertised, “L.S”, is decidedly Lovecraftian.

  • Though Baki the Grappler is more of a sports franchise than a sci-fi/fantasy, the main character spends enough time punching bigfoot and dinosaurs in the face that it sort of counts. The series is getting a new OVA, raising ambient testosterone levels for another generation.

  • A look at the American Attack on Titan comic anthology:

  • The teasers for the Paramount version of Ghost in the Shell look visually okay, but dumping 5 15-second trailers instead of one long one is sort of annoying.

That’s a wrap for this week! Back to trying to not be jealous of those of you at Fantastic Fest… :)

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