April 4/5: Kaiju Quarantine live podcast festival

This weekend, an octet of kaiju-centric podcasts will be gathering on Discord to do one live commentary each on their favorite giant monster movies. The Maser Patrol podcast itself isn’t among them, but I did get invited to join the Kaiju Transmission crew for coverage of Invasion of Astro-Monster at 4:30 CST on Saturday. Drop by and ask us questions that we can answer live on-air; that way we won’t have to worry about talking about what’s going on in the movie the whole time!

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March news recap – plenty of new kaiju and hero media is a good reason to stay inside

In the overall scope of world events, this March has been one of the most impactful months in recent memory, as COVID has interrupted plans on all scales. On the Japanese pop culture end, events ranging from the Tokyo Olympics to Comiket to the premier of the Ultraman Taiga movie have been pushed back, and in terms of this blog specifically, Anime Central has been canceled (perhaps we will still record the panel we had planned for that as a podcast), and G-Fest, while not cancelled yet, has been getting lots of criticism for its attitude regarding the situation… at very least Japan has been issuing travel advisories which might impede guests flying over, but time will see how things develop. On a more personal note, both myself and my fiancee have fortunately managed to remain employed during this pandemic, and our hearts go out to all those who have had their livelihoods threatened both economically and health-wise. I hope everyone reading the blog has managed to stay safe!

The good news, in the likely event that you’re confined to your home right now, is that there’s no shortage of excellent entertainment to keep you busy. Personally, I went through the entire run of Return of Ultraman and Ultraman Orb: the Origin Saga thanks to their recent Blu-ray releases, along with anime Somali and the Forest Spirit, Beastars, and the new season of Castlevania (a fourth season of which has been announced, hurrah!), along with starting Brand New Animal (there’s a lot of furry-type stuff lately, huh?), Kiramager, and In/Spectre. On the manga front, there have been new volumes of Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project, Creature!, and Gigant released stateside lately, which is as good a batch as ever for kaiju fans, and there was also the finale to the very anime-inspired cartoon Steven Universe, complete with a giant monster.

If you’re more of a reader, I’d have to recommend my buddy John LeMay’s new book, Writing Japanese Monsters, for going through the script revision process of the most noteworthy kaiju and tokusatsu films. I’d say you should read it even if I wasn’t in the dedication, but hey, even more so now.

But that’s just the tip of the distribution iceberg! Let’s get started:

  • The motherload of streaming news this month is that Toei is launching the Toei Tokusatsu World Official Youtube channel next month with a whopping 70 classic Toei hero shows, all with English subtitles (for the first two episodes, at least; after that they’ll be crowdsourcing subs). While some of these have gotten US releases before (e.g. Message from Space, Juspion), the vast majority have not, and some, such as the Fushigi Comedy franchise, have barely ever been touched by fansubbers…it could be a great way to drum up interest. With new (admittedly raw) episodes every day after, there’ll be an overwhelming amount of content, so it’ll be interesting to see how long episodes remain online, if fansubbers step up to help out in the subtitles, and if they can sustain this model without moving to a subscription service.

  • Shout Factory has officially licensed the original Kamen Rider, and are now streaming it via Shout Factory TV and Tubi. They also have a dedicated Pluto channel, TokuSHOUTsu, for showing Kamen Rider, Ultraman Leo, and their handful of Super Sentai series. Speaking from experience, the streaming channel has already made a fun watch-together for tokusatsu fans wanting to hold a virtual movie night, though the episodes can get a little out of sync depending on what set of ads each viewer gets targeted with.

  • Bravestorm is finally getting a US release via GVN Releasing (an independent DVD label who haven’t done any other Japanese films, so far as I can tell). I’ve been an advocate for this film for a while, so it’s nice that more folks stateside will finally be able to check it out. There have been some grumbles that this is DVD-only, but keep in mind the Japanese Blu-ray release has English subtitles, so if you really want it in high quality, that is an option.

  • Speaking of Japanese releases with English subtitles, Garo: Under the Moonbow included subtitles on its Japanese Blu-ray. Since Kraken’s Garo releases seem to have halted lately, this seems like a good compromise for English-speaking fans who want to keep collecting the series.

  • Another Keita Amemiya flick, Rokuroku, has finally gotten a Japanese home video release. Not sure about whether subtitles are included on this one (since I just found out about it recently), but it’s been a long time coming to video…I missed a screening in Philadelphia two years ago and have been kicking myself about it ever since!

  • While Crunchyroll licensed the original Kaiju Girls TV series, they appear to have since cooled on their enthusiasm for Tsuburaya products lately (SSSS.Gridman aside), so it seemed that the theatrical film Kaiju Girls Black would have dismal prospects in the international streaming market. Thankfully, HIDIVE has stepped in and picked up the movie, so it can finally be seen in translation. Who knows, maybe if it does well in streaming, one of the Section 23 companies could print a few discs? (please?)

  • Media Blasters announced a new Blu-ray for Death Kappa. Since I’ve previously asked about getting the ending to the Japanese version included on a US re-release, I reached out again, and was quickly told that they will include it… but everything else is not listing that as a feature, and I’ve seen them tell others that this is identical to the previous release, so there is definitely some mixed messaging. Since the ends are significantly different, it’d be nice to see the Japanese version available here.

US ending

Japan ending

  • Since the Mothra steelbook did quite well, I guess it’s no surprise that The H-man and Battle in Outer Space are also getting put onto Blu-ray by Mill Creek. Despite claims that this is the Blu-ray debut for both, Battle in Outer Space had a lackluster release before from Sony (MOD), so hopefully this surpasses that one. No word on if it’ll retain the commentary from the DVD, but it seems possible.

  • Arrow had previously released the live-action The Guyver on Blu-ray in the UK, but they have now licensed it for Canada as well. The prior release was region-free, so this probably won’t make a huge difference.

  • Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century got a Blu-ray release recently via Dark Force Entertainment. So far it seems like it’s only been made available to subscribers to their home video plan, or on double-feature with Giant Spider Invasion, since their manufacturing plant was shut down due to COVID.

  • Like Yeti, another “giant monster, but not really kaiju” flick that I’ll mention just-because is Orca, since that’s getting a Blu-ray release as well thanks to Shout Factory. It did already have a Japanese BD release, for what it’s worth.

  • GKIDS announced that Lupin III the First will be getting a theatrical release in North America in 2020. I’d love to see Takashi Yamazaki get more of his stuff released here, so hopefully this gets him some credit as a director and not just for the Lupin franchise.

  • A short kaiju spoof titled Monster Challenge was published online. It stars Patton Oswald and was directed by Cloverfield composer Michael Giacchino (it’s got part of his Cloverfield music in it, to boot).

  • Manga Cross, who publish, among other things, Island of Giant Insects, has a new horrific giant monster survival series in their anthology: Umigui. It’s from the duo Yuki Fujisawa and Yasunari Toda, the latter of whom drew the excellent s.CRY.ed manga.

So, that’s some great licensing and recent release news, but what new content is in development or coming soon? I’m glad you asked.

  • Details have been revealed for Ultraman Z, starting in June. It seems they really want to play up the master-to-student legacy thing, with Zero stepping into the mentor role (like he did a little in Ginga S and more so in Geed). Zero is kind of an ideal character to plop into any series that Tsuburaya needs to, since, like Zoffy, he’s unburdened by a strong connection to any particular secret identity/actor, so you can understand them bringing him back around again.
    Also, since this is the first new show since the Mill Creek stuff took off, I wonder if the chances of a simulcast will go up?

  • The new Garo series, Versus Road, debuts April 2. It’ll be interesting to see how this VR setting thing plays into the franchise, and how it goes as a 15th anniversary project. Things have been a little quiet for Garo lately, but if the quality is good, I don’t mind.

  • Mamoru Oshii has a new anime titled Vladlove, and this is encouraging since it’s his first proper TV series in 30 years, is a comedy, has Kenji Kawai and Junji Nishimura on board, and is attracting comparisons to Urusei Yatsura. It won’t air until fall, but a promo video was briefly online…until someone realized it wasn’t finished and pulled it back down. Hopefully that’s not a bad sign.

  • Some more details have come out about Masaaki Yuasa’s upcoming adaptation of Japan Sinks for Netflix: it sounds like a lot more of a family drama than other versions have been, focusing on teenagers and their parents. I’m curious to see how this stacks up against the monstrous success of Yuasa’s previous outing with Devilman Crybaby;  it’d be nice if it caused a wave (no pun intended) that led to the live-action versions getting released as well… heck, or even a rescue of the Takao Saito manga.

  • Btooom mangaka Junya Inoue is launching a new manga titled Kaiju Jietai (Monster Self Defense Force) on  in Monthly Comic @Bunch on April 21. Not much info on this yet, so we’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

  • A trailer was released for Monster Seafood Wars, and it looks about what I’d expect from Minoru Kawasaki:

  • It looks like maquettes are coming along for the monster in Nezura 1964. Now to see the actual suit!

  • A look at the independent kaiju flick Savage Monster Barrigular, which I hope to see in full some day:

  • Some unfortunate news regarding Pili, as far as I can glean from here (Chinese is not one of our languages), as well as some 4chan chatter: it seems that one of the puppeteers referred to COVID as the “Wuhan virus” and had some Taiwanese-independence-leaning posts on Facebook, which has led to China flat-out banning their next production, What’s the Use for My Talent, Anyway?. Without the Chinese market, the show is dead in the water, which spells big trouble for Pili as a company. Thus, the next season of Thunderbolt Fantasy could be in jeopardy as a result, which is a damned shame. Hopefully the Japanese market (and heck, that sweet Netflix money for War of the Dragons) can keep them afloat for the foreseeable future, and the studio’s tensions with Chinese censors ameliorate.

  • A trailer is up for the TV adaptation of the ecchi Sentai parody Dokyuu Hentai HxEROS. As with a lot of these sex comedies, it may be funny or might be cringe-inducing, but we’ll see in July.

  • A trailer for Sayonara, Tirano…will it redeem Kobun Shizuno for dinosaur fans?

  • A wave of merchandise has appeared for Toei’s Spider-man. The chogokin is getting reissued, this time with a full-size Spider Bracelet rather than the vinyl figure that the original came with (I’ll stick with my original release, thanks), there’s going to be a Super Minipla of Leopardon, and Spidey himself is getting a Figuarts (with an unfortunate crotch sculpt). I continue to wonder how the increased exposure of the character is fitting into Marvel’s grand scheme, but here’s hoping for the Spider-verse sequel, and fingers crossed a home video release stateside someday.

  • SSSS.Gridman is continuing to Evangelionize their merchandise by featuring the heroines in outfits that have noting to do with the actual show. The latest is cheerleaders! For those keeping track at home, they’ve been brides, witches, musicians, Santas, kimono-clad, wearing swimsuits (not the ones from the actual swimsuit episode), Uchuusen mascots, and kaiju girls. Presumably nurse, mermaid, nun, catgirl, and apron-clad versions are on their way, because they’re going to check all the boxes eventually.

On a sad final note, RIP to Stuart Gordon, who directed a great many wonderful films, but most notably for readers here is Robot Jox, quite possibly the finest live-action mecha put to film. And, while he has not passed on, I also have to lament for Hiroshi Yamamoto, who suffered a cerebral infarction and has lost much of the cognitive function that made him such a wonderful science fiction writer (seriously, go read MM9 and Stories of Ibis!). Both of these men have made some amazing art, and it’s worth tracking down their work if you haven’t done so.

Hopefully the topics here give everyone cooped up at home an idea of how to pass the time during the coming months. Stay safe, stay indoors, and keep enjoying kaiju, scifi, and superheroes, everyone!

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Kaiju Transmissions podcast: Virus (1980)

While there hasn’t been a new Maser Patrol episode in a hot minute, Kevin (along with author John LeMay) had a chance to drop by the Kaiju Transmissions podcast this week to discuss Kinji Fukasaku’s 1980 disaster film Virus, AKA Day of Resurrection. If you want to get your mind off of current events…well, this might not be the movie for you right now.

Download here

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Kaiju-fied news recap

In a rare event, there was actually so much kaiju-adjacent news in the past week that rather than posting at the standard biweekly rate, I’m opting to do a recap today!

  • To start with, Minoru Kawasaki’s Monster Seafood Wars has a poster, giving us a first look at the actual kaiju in the movie, and a May 23 release date. If that is the Calamari Wrestler costume recycled, it’s been modified a little.

  • Toei and Shochiku have a new movie in the works titled Daikaiju no Atoshimatsu (“atoshimatsu” meaning remediation or cleanup), with a premise similar to Marvel’s Damage Control: the people who dispose of hazardous materials left by giant monster attacks. It’s from comedic director Satoshi Miki, so I assume that it’ll be another relatively low-budget spoof.

  • A little late since this trailer debuted in front of Sonic the Hedgehog, but Paramount’s animated kaiju wrestling movie Rumble debuts next year. It’s a very vague title, even if it’s arguably a multiple entendre.

  • Fukuoka’s local heroes will be crossing over for a new TV series Dogengers, starting in April. The series is handled by Fumie Arakawa (director of ToQger Returns and Zero: Dragon Blood), so it ought to be in reasonably good hands; unfortunately the appeal could be pretty limited for those not from the area.

  • I missed the announcement of GigaBash back in September, but apparently Passion Republic Games brought it to PAX for the public to try this past weekend. It looks like fun!

  • Platinum Games has a teaser for the the third installment of Hideki Kamiya’s “hero trilogy” (after the stellar Viewtiful Joe and Wonderful 101), and it looks heavily Ultraman-inspired. This ought to be excellent, given the pedigree.

  • Speaking of Ultraman and games, the official North American website for Ultraman launched, and it’s called Ultraman Galaxy, the same name as the 2013 puzzle game (not to mention potential confusions with Ultra Galaxy and Ultraman Ginga). Anyway, they announced another game there, one with another unfortunate name: Kaiju Kombat. Sounds like it will be a chess battler rather than ta fighting game, and forum members can try it out now….let’s see if Wizards of the Coast gets uppity this time, too.

  • Another Ultraman development was some new details from the Marvel comic series. It seems that they’re going for a straight remake of the original series, although there is at least one original character (“Kiki”) and the uniforms are different. Writer Kyle Higgins is beloved by Power Rangers fandom for his work on the Boom Studios comics in that line (for however much PR fans can be trusted) and writer Matt Groom’s Self/Made seems to have encouraging reviews, plus artist Francesco Manna is decent (NB: Marvel is promoting with Ed McGuiness Ultraman art, though).

  • Shifting to the toy collecting world, an unexpected piece of merchandise has been realized due to Redman’s meme-centered revival: A figure of the Redman version of Icarus-seijin. Now you can recreate your favorite slasher movie moments with our hero stalking the innocent alien through the bamboo forest!

  • Neca announced two new Godzilla figures at Toy Fair: 1989 and 2003. Since these are two of the most popular iterations of the character (especially of the ones not yet handled), it’s a bit of a no-brainer, but it is still a shame that Toho seems against them developing the more “off the beaten path” designs. Both will be hitting in June, so I imagine many will be seen at G-Fest.

  • I’ve been a little disappointed at the lack of decent figures for Zyuranger‘s space witch Bandra, but Hasbro has a decent one coming in August for the Power Rangers’ dub of that character, Rita. Of course, there’s a catch, or even several:
    • The figure comes in a two-pack with Saban-original character Lord Zedd. Since the Zedd figure has already been released, many PR fans are grumpy about this since it means rebuying the same figure, as well.
    • It’s a GameStop exclusive, and those can be notoriously sparse in terms of stock.
    • You’d be supporting Hasbro, who still haven’t gotten their Super Sentai DVD releases back up and running.

That’s a wrap for this week! Enjoy March!

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February news recap

Procrastination and distraction has gotten the better of me again, but the inundation of kaiju news items in the past couple of days has made it impossible to put off a recap any longer.

Production news:

  • A Godzilla vs. Kong image from Toyfair has been making the rounds online, giving a better look at how the Legendary Godzilla will be tweaked this time. The back spines seem to be reverting back towards the 2014 design, which is puzzling, though I suppose only the most diehard of fans would particularly care.

  • This student film Giganto Makhia looks quite promising:

  • A new Garo season has been announced, titled Versus Road. The premise, being set around some sort of VR headset, initially seems rather out-of-character for the franchise, though if they tie it into Vanishing Line‘s computer stuff it could work nicely.

  • Kobun Shizuno has an upcoming film, Sayonara Tyrano (sic). It’s adapted from the same book series as Heart and Yummie and You Are So Yummy – Happy to Be with You, but I don’t believe there’s any direct connection between the movies themselves.

  • A new Digimon series has been announced for April, and because they’re completely creatively bankrupt, it looks like a straight remake of the original Digimon Adventure (right after the alleged “last movie”). This doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, Toei.

  • The trailer has been posted for the last two installments in the Rurouni Kenshin film series, The Final/The Beginning. It’s fantastic that the entire manga’s story is finally getting adapted!


Home video news:

  • Arrow’s Gamera box set is up for preorder, and it’s a doozy. Audio commentary from Ed Godziszewski, Steve Ryfle, David Kalat, August Ragone, Kyle Yount, Matt Frank, and (apparently) the team behind Japan’s Green Monsters, the best possible transfers, and a reprint of the Dark Horse Gamera comics make this an easy shoo-in to buy, but it sounds like there are still more features left to be announced!

  • Speaking of Arrow, they have a Shinya Tsukamoto set on the way as well. I’ve lamented that Tetsuo the Iron Man and its sequel have been woefully out of print for far too long stateside, so this is a welcome upgrade, along with new copies of Tokyo Fist, Bullet Ballet, A Snake of June, Vital, Kotoko, Killing, The Adventure of Denchu-Kozo, and Haze. Audio commentary is by Tom Mes, who literally wrote the book on the man, so it’s a solid collection as well.

  • Raiga vs. Ohga (now titled God Raiga vs. King Ohga) is up for preorder from SRS. Make sure to preorder stuff from them to ensure they get properly pressed discs instead of BD-Rs; Attack of the Giant Teacher only did 60 copies in preorders and had to be burned instead of pressed.

  • SRS has also licensed Norman England’s The iDol. Previously the film was only available as a special feature on the German DVD release of New Neighbor, so hopefully some more Americans will be able to see it now. It’s quite a fun little picture, and the 13 years it took to get US distribution is far too long.
  • Keith Aiken confirmed on Facebook that Mill Creek is also working on a release of Gridman the Hyper Agent. Given the success of SSSS.Gridman, it’s a no-brainer, but still a pleasant surprise.

  • Disney+ will be adding Marvel Future Avengers on February 28. I’ve long been perplexed at the myriad Japanese Marvel projects not getting US releases, so here’s hoping this does well. We’d really like to see Disk Wars!


Video game news:

  • A Kickstarter campaign to port The Wonderful 101 to Switch was funded in no time. This is no great surprise, since it’s been one of the more conspicuous titles to so far have not been updated for the newer platform.

  • A Record of Lodoss War game is coming to Steam. It’s a platformer where you play as Deedlit (fun fact: MM9 author Hiroshi Yamamoto was the guy who played Deedlit in the original D&D campaign that Lodoss was based on!)

  • Symphogear XD is finally available internationally! Just in time for that, they got a collaborative crossover campaign with Attack on Titan. They’re hitting all the big kaiju franchises!


Print media news:

  • Viz just announced a ton of cool new licenses, including:
    • The insane shonen action manga Chainsaw Man
    • The Revolutionary Girl Utena sequel novel
    • A deluxe edition of The Mermaid Saga
    • Junji Ito’s killer planet story Remina
    • A short story collection from Naoki Urasawa

  • The ULTRAMAN anime is getting a novelization. I guess that’s what happens when you’re the most-watched anime on Netflix.

Other news:

  • Godzilla is getting his own Monopoly and Jenga games. I assume there’s a lot more demolition of the hotels than there is in traditional Monopoly?

  • It’s nice to see how even though Yasushi Nirasawa passed too soon, his redesigns of Ultraman monsters continue to be realized in merchandise. Acro has a Metron coming in April.

That’s quite a recap, but as always, if something fell through the cracks, please leave a comment! Until next time!

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New Year’s news recap

Happy new year (admittedly a couple weeks late)! I’ve been distracted from putting together news recaps for a while, but that just means a lot more things to cover this time around. Let’s break it down by category:

Godzilla news:

  • Kicking things off, there were some leaked images from the Godzilla vs Kong toy line. They may or may not constitute a spoiler for the film, but they sure are interesting…honestly I’ll say they make me more intrigued with the picture.
  • The first three minutes of the Shinkalion movie (The Mythically Fast ALFA-X That Came From Future) have been posted online, featuring a battle between Godzilla and Hatsune Miku. This has been a bit of a thorn in my side, since numerous outlets are reporting this as an “upcoming release” for 2020, when it came out in December. Also, people keep reporting it as “Ice Godzilla” instead of the actual “Snow Godzilla” name.

  • Godzilla manga artist Takayuki Sakai’s Godzilla Comicalize Magazine did a Batman vs. Godzilla doujinshi for this winter’s Comic Market, finally realizing the unmade project.

  • Speaking of Godzilla cameos and Comiket, Weathering With You got its theatrical release in the US this past week, and as a Toho movie, there was a little background cameo in that one, too.

Other kaiju news:

  • The Great Buddha Arrival director Hiroto Yokokawa has announced another kaiju film, and similarly to his previous work, it’ll be about the making of a lost picture: this time the unmade Daiei flick that led to Gamera’s creation: Nezura 1964.
    Much like Great Buddha Arrival, we’re getting promised a parade of industry cameos (including the returning Yukijiro Hotaru and Yoshiro Uchida), and I imagine publicity will be fairly mute until it debuts. I do like the giant-sized Nezura, which I believe is unique to this interpretation.

  • A whopping 22 years after their prior release of the film, Media Blasters is re-issuing Gappa the Triphibian Monster on Blu-ray. There’s been some grumbling since the (longer) international cut does not appear to be included, but this will almost certainly have better image and sound quality than the ancient DVD and VHS releases.

  • That Gamera box set from Arrow has been more officially announced. Still no word if it’ll be available in the US or UK-exclusive yet.


Ultraman news:

  • Ultraman Ace and Ultraman X now have preorders for BD: May 12 and April 21 respectively. Both are solid shows, and it’s exciting to add them to the collection.

  • ULTRAMAN was the most viewed anime on Netflix in Japan last year. As much as the outrage from Evangelion fanatics is a lot of fun, I do have to sort of ponder this, since the series honestly wasn’t all that great.
  • The Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project (which is secretly the best Ultraman manga available in English) just wrapped up its run in Japan. Hopefully the whole thing is able to make it to US shores!
  • RIP Shozo Uehara. His tokusatsu work was excellent, so if you have the recent Blu-rays of Ultra Q, Ultraman, Ultraseven, Return of Ultraman, or Juspion, or older ones like Inazuman and Red Baron, or even anime like Captain Harlock or Fist of the North Star, watch a few episodes in his honor.

SSSS.Gridman news:

  • A stage play featuring the Neon Genesis Middle Schoolers is due out in May.

  • Acro has new figures up for Nanashi A and B, while Good Smile is proceeding with a Devadadan. The roster of kaiju with vinyl figures is slowly filling in…

  • I appreciate how SSSS.Gridman takes deep cuts even in little stuff like magazine covers. A recent appearance in Uchuusen featured Akane and Rikka cosplaying characters from 1983 issues of the magazine.

Other hero news:

  • We’ve gotten our first look at this year’s Super Sentai, Mashin Sentai Kiramager. The costumes are fine (a female green is a neat shake-up), and the preview of the mech battle looks really exciting. We’ll have to see how well the “collecting shiny gems” motif works with the “machines” one, but with Naruhisa Arakawa writing, my expectations are pretty high.

  • Jushin Thunder Liger, the real-life pro-wrestler based off the Go Nagai hero character, has finally retired after 35 years in the industry.


  • A new Gantz spinoff has been announced, this one set in the Edo era: Gantz: E. I wonder how the inherent scifi of the premise, setting, and aesthetic will mesh with a jidai geki setting, but time will tell.

  • Here’s a trailer for the Mini Force movie, Deeno The King Of Dinosaurs. I still haven’t checked out Mini Force, despite it being on my Netflix queue for months, so perhaps I should get on that.

  • After years of no updates, it seems the English-language print edition of the Ambassador Magma manga has been cancelled. Not a great look for DMP.

Other news:

  • A trailer dropped for Voltes V Legacy, a live-action project out of the Philippines adapting the classic anime. A lot of people are concerned since this is from GMA, who previously did the lackluster Shaider tie-in Zaido, but, given that  Zaido was 13 years ago, I think it’s fair to give them another chance at this point.

  • The second Thunderbolt Fantasy movie, Bewitching Melody of the West, is now on Crunchyroll.

  • In “neat concept” stuff, the new Hentatsu TV series is apparently set in a post-apocalyptic Nakano Broadway.

That’s a wrap for now! I’ll try to get another article or something together in the next few weeks to make up for the lack of updates.

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 46: Lost Films and More with John LeMay

Looking for a last-minute Christmas present? Well, you’re in luck, because John LeMay has a varied bibliography on topics ranging from history, UFOlogy, horror films, cryptozoology, spaghetti westerns, and a whole smattering of kaiju/tokusatsu-related titles, with a special emphasis on lost and unmade movie projects. Since the new editions of The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monsters: The Lost Films and Terror of the Lost Tokusatsu Films are now on the market, it was a great time for John to stop by the podcast and talk about what he does.

Unfortunately we had some serious Skype lag during the call, but for the most part I was able to clean it up in post, so it only gets confusing on occasion.

Direct download

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