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News recap: Ultraman Taiga trailer, Meister Titano, and King of Monsters music!

What’s this? A news recap only one week since the last one? Perhaps we can make this a regular thing; at any rate, this week is heavy on monster-related tidbits. We have our first Ultraman Taiga teaser trailer. So far, … Continue reading

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April news recap

Long time, no update, due to a relative shortage of stuff to talk about and general business. We’ll see how that holds up over the coming months; somehow I committed myself to a whopping six panels at this year’s G-Fest, … Continue reading

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Kaiju Transmissions podcast: Zone Fighter

Late on posting this, but I was on a guest Kaiju Transmissions again last month; this time to talk about the under-discussed Toho superhero series Zone Fighter! Every Godzilla fan should check out that show for its unique brand of … Continue reading

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