Scanlation: Gamera vs Morphos (1999, Nenpei Moo)

Arrow’s Gamera: The Complete Collection is hitting on August 17, with an assortment of amazing special features hitherto unseen for the franchise. To celebrate this incredible boxset, we decided to plunge the darkest depths of Gamera apocrypha and dug up something that was not included: Gamera vs. Morphos, a short story by Nenpei Moo for Animage in January 1999 to promote the upcoming Gamera 3. This was a special bonus Animage issue, so it was very difficult to track down, and the story hasn’t been reprinted in the 21 years since. As usual, we encourage everyone to support official releases if possible, so please discontinue any circulation of this translation if an official one becomes available, and try to pick up a copy of the Japanese edition of this story if it’s ever reprinted.

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No translation notes on this one, since it’s pretty straightforward. Hopefully it whets the appetite for the Gamera goodies that Arrow has in store for this summer!

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5 Responses to Scanlation: Gamera vs Morphos (1999, Nenpei Moo)

  1. Grokenstein says:

    Super-sweet! I’m always on the lookout for the manga adaptations of the older kaiju films. The Godzilla Collector’s Box series was essential to getting the manga of Frankenstein Conquers the World, Space Amoeba, Godzilla vs Hedorah and other Toho titles, and occasionally I’ll get lucky and pick up something like the scrubby reprint of Atragon/The Mysterians manga or the doujinshi version of Takayuki Sakai’s Rebirth of Mothra 1&2 manga, but there’s still so much out there that may never be reprinted or available ever again…especially manga of non-Toho films like Gappa, Daimajin and The Green Slime, or the original Gamera series. This is a nice treat, and I thank you for posting it!

  2. Hypergodzilla says:


    But apparently I came too late. :(

    The file has an error… I can’t read the manga.

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