Kong count #35 – Kong comics south of the border

Time for some comics I’ve never read myself, partly because they’re old, and partly because I don’t speak Spanish. There was a weekly King Kong comic book produced in Mexico by Editorial Orizaba from 1965 until its completion at a whopping 185 issues… that’s more than all of the Godzilla comic series combined! Interior art was sepiatone, but the comics are known for some stunning color cover paintings:orisaba-3 orisaba-5 orisaba-70 orisaba-102 orisaba-117 orisaba-131  orisaba-144 orisaba-152orisaba-104

The series got some limited reprints in 1972, and again in 1980 (this time under the less-precarious title “El Gorila”), but hasn’t been made available in English, a bummer since I’m intrigued by those covers… who wouldn’t want to see Kong getting mauled by a giant beaver?

This wasn’t the only Mexican Kong comic, though, as there was also one from Editorial America in 1979 titled King Kong en el Microcosmos. While its art isn’t quite as impressive, the story is something else, about tiny aliens drafting a normal-sized gorilla (and some poachers) into a war for their world, scaling the ape up for effect. That one ran for 35 issues, and being another monochrome title, would be well-primed for a reprint in a collected edition. C’mon, US publishers, let’s get some Mexican comics on the market here!

king_kong_en_el_microcosmos_america_1979_15 king_kong_en_el_microcosmos_america_1979microcosmos-2

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