Kong count #19 – Mytek the Mighty

Another British Kong imitator is Mytek the Mighty, who first graced the pages of Valiant in 1964 (as the Konga comic was dying down… coincidence?).


Mytek is a human-piloted-robot (pre-Mazinger!) that happens to look like a gorilla, built by a scientist with the intent of fooling African ape-worshipers…. that scientist is the hero, by the way. The early plot has Mytek getting stolen by the scientist’s evil dwarf assistant, eventually getting reclaimed by the heroes, and fighting various other robots and creatures. Mytek does get a brain of his own (though it sounds like the series goes back and forth on that), as well as a suite of powers , including freezing breath, light projection, and (call Toho’s lawyers) projection of electricity through his fingers, though his weakness would be reliance on solar power.

mytekThe serial got 271 installments in Valiant, running until 1976, after which it ran colorized reprints in Vulcan for a few years. While it never really made any impression stateside, Mytek stories were released across Europe, most notably as King Kong the Robot¬† (sometimes without the epithet) in France. The character later resurfaced in the pages of 2000 AD in 1992 (that story I’ve heard was pretty bad), and lastly appeared in a couple issues of Alan Moore’s Albion along with other British heroes of yesteryear. The rights are currently with DC, so that’s who to ask for reprints!

mytekcover mytekcover2

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