Weekly news recap: No kaiju edition

For once, I don’t think I have anything kaiju-related to discuss this week. That doesn’t mean there’s no cool news in the world of Japanese-ish genre fiction, however!

Starting in the robot realm:

  • I neglected to mention last week that Big O is getting a Blu Ray release in the US. The original DVDs have become shockingly scarce for how big of a deal that show is, so this is a great opportunity to pick it up if you haven’t already. I’d say the show is bananas, but really it’s tomatoes.

  • Discotek licensed GoShogun and its highly-unconventional follow-up movie Time Etranger. While the movie has been released stateside a couple of times, the TV series was only previously available as Macron 1 (one of those Frankensteined shows cobbled together from multiple anime), so this is neat. GoShogun has quite the reputation as a snarky take on the genre, and while watching it isn’t strictly necessary for the movie, I’m keen to see how it fills out some of the nuance that we’d otherwise miss.


Now for some superheroes:

  • We have a new trailer for Hurricane Polymar, with lots of other suits:


  • There’s another Avengers anime in the works, Marvel Future Avengers. Hopefully it gets brought to the US; I still maintain that Disk Wars hasn’t been brought over only because everyone at Marvel knows their homegrown cartoons aren’t good enough to compete at the moment.

marvel-future-avengers marvel-future-avengers-manga

…and wrapping up with a smattering of other stories:


  • We finally have a look at the live-action Jotaro for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Woefully, his hat does not defy the laws of nature by fading into his hair.


  • While note a kaiju per se, Joon ho Bong’s The Host has a lot of fans in the fandom. Nextflix just released a teaser for his upcoming creature feature Okja.

That’s a wrap for this week. We’ll make up for no giant monsters in this post with continuing coverage leading up to Skull Island!

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