Discotek update

Discotek Media has made a couple of announcements on facebook during the past couple days, and while nothing Earth-shattering was mentioned, they may be worth repeating. First, the four Saint Seiya movies, announced last year, have a release date of June 25, and will be available over two volumes. Here’s art for the 3rd/4th movie package:

seiya movies2

Also, they’ve license rescued Tenjho Tenge from Geneon, which is an decent martial arts anime, but suffers from its transition from the manga; the story just sort of stops because the 26 episode limit has been hit, and there’s no resolution. Viz recently reissued the manga (do not get the heavily censored CMX release), so that’d be the ideal way to continue the story if you choose to do so.


Finally, a bit of nostalgia for fans of Toonami’s early days, Discotek has also rescued Blue Submarine No. 6 from Bandai. Their announcement of a remastered DVD and Blu-ray is a little puzzling, however, since the four-part OVA adaptation of the 1967 sci-fi naval thriller manga was produced digitally in the 1990’s, without consideration of high definition in mind. There is a Japanese Blu-ray release, but from what I’ve heard it looks awful, so I have to wonder if the increased capacity of a BD is actually worth the effort at all.

blue sub six

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