Kong count #50 – Ikki Kajiwara/Daiji Kazumine manga

Another King Kong manga that’s super rare nowadays ran for 30 weeks in Shonen Magazine back during 1967, written by sports manga superstar Ikki Kajiwara (Kyojin no Hoshi, Karate Baka Ichidai, Tiger Mask, Ashita no Joe) under the pseudonym Asao Takamori, and illustrated by Daiji Kazumine, one of the most prolific Ultraman mangaka among other things (fun fact, Kazuo Umezz’s Ultraman would’ve been running at the same time!).

This manga adapted storylines from The King Kong Show, and a handful of images are floating around auction sites for issues that are available. As usual, trademark could cause a big issue with these getting legit reprints.

kazumine-kong-cover kazumine-kong-cover-2kazumine-kong

kazumine-kong-3 kazumine-kong-4 kazumine-kong-5

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2 Responses to Kong count #50 – Ikki Kajiwara/Daiji Kazumine manga

  1. Eric Hurd says:

    Where on earth did you discover the second pic (Kong fighting off…the jungle?) and which episode is that adapting? Also, weren’t there other Kong manga made,set in that particular universe, but with original stories? I recall seeing covers with Kong versus Some red and yellow armored anime type, giant ants and a giant werewolf and classic Frankenstein Monster.

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