Planet of the Monsters hits Netflix Wednesday! (also other news)

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters is hitting Netflix this Wednesday, January 17th! We’re all counting down the days!

With that most important headline out of the way, let’s see what all else went down this week in the world of Japanese-ish genre fiction!

    • Also for reasons I can’t fathom, Toho is going to start investing more heavily in the Legendary Pictures adaptations of their IP. Hollywood movies are crazy expensive by Japanese standards, so it’s weird to imagine them throwing that kind on money around, and I doubt there’s really much more control they could actually exert over something like Godzilla. (The Your Name adaptation, on the other hand, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.)
  • Kaiju Girls season 2 is, predictably, on Crunchyroll. There’s at least one monster featured that I hadn’t expected:

  • Here’s a first ad and a press conference for Lupinranger vs Patranger. The human costumes are just as on-point as the Sentai suits. ANN has cast details.

  • In a truly unexpected move, Mazinger Z Infinity is getting a US theatrical release, February 11-12! I can’t imagine it being a huge success based on how the franchise has done stateside historically, but it’s cool that they’re giving it a shot.

Alas, the US release of the original Devilman manga has been delayed a couple months, though.

  • Thanks to some creative accounting, this coming-of-age day was the one celebrated by Sadako Yamamura. Sure, the Ring novel was from 1991 and the first (TV) movie was from 1995, but the most famous movie adaptation did hit in ’98, making this the 20th anniversary.

  • Finally, director Keiichi Sato won’t be involved with the new Tiger & Bunny project, and his original ideas were rejected. Well…that’s certainly a cause for alarm.

That’s a wrap for this week; when the next post comes around the whole world will be watching Godzilla on Netflix…

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